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In middle school and high school, there was nothing worse than being excluded from a group. Back then, AOL’s Aim was just beginning to gain popularity but most of us relied on the uber-sophisticated note method. Now that kids judge their popularity by how many people are their friends on Facebook or how many people follow them on Twitter, can you imagine the meltdown or anxiety that would occur from being deleted as someone’s friend? (gasp).

It’s now funny how much I used to care about whether I was liked or not, or who was mad at me. Once I entered college that hyper-sensitivity left me primarily because I realized I wouldn’t and didn’t have to get along with everyone I knew- and it was really okay. Which brings me to the point on hand: I’ve been deleted from someone’s Facebook account.

Months after we fell out, I tried to find them in my friend list and innocently thought that maybe they’d deleted their account. I mean, it never occurred to me that someone in my age group would actually take the time to erase someone from Facebook. Especially since, we all have jobs and considering we don’t have to see each other in school, I mean technically, our daily lives haven’t been impacted by our breech in friendship. So why the deletion? Is it a passive aggressive way of saying, “you no longer have access to my life?”

Maybe I should have mentioned that being my friend on Facebook has absolutely nothing to do with your ranking in my reality… after all, half of my 950 friends- I don’t even know. But maybe we weren’t destined to be friends anyway, after all, I’m not sure I have much in common with someone who spring cleans their Facebook account. I think friend breakups should happen primarily in your head, and perhaps on Blackberry messenger too.


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