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Venus and Serena Williams want you to think they are sexy. It doesn’t matter that they’re both uber millionaires, can kick anyone’s ass in tennis and did it all while rockin fashion from South Central. But now, they’re grown up. Serena has an on-off again relationship with rapper/actor Common, has posed semi-nude (although the only you could see were her arms and legs) on the cover of ESPN magazine and Venus well, she’s been pretty quiet until images of her bustier lace tennis outfit at the French Open this past weekend made the news.

The outfit/dress is from her line, EleVen, but the look didn’t go over too well in the fashion world or in the world of tennis modesty. In other words, people thought the outfit was ugly to begin with and way too short. Venus says the outfit and the accompanying nude tone tennis panties were “about illusion” which is “a lot of my motif this year.”


The outfit is a little hideous like a Frederick’s of Hollywood gag gift but too short? Not necessarily. If she had a different body type, it would have been a non-issue. To her credit, I think the material of the outfit itself made it impossible to bend with her moves on the court. Yes, her nude panties flashed a lot, giving off the “illusion” (there’s that word again) that she wasn’t wearing any, but it seems like people would have just gotten over it after they realized she was. Maybe Venus was inspired by being in France and decided to be adventurous… my advice?

She should stick to what she’s good at instead of trying to forge a name in tennis fashion.

Update: Yikes! It’s definitely too short… http://www.thedailybeast.com/galleries/1663/1/?redirectURL=http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2010-05-24/grand-slam-fashion/?cid=hp:beastoriginalsC2


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