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Brazilian model, Gisele Bündchen, has just been re-named the world’s top-earning model with a reported estimated worth of $150 million. An article on The Daily Beast says she’s, “without question, the most money- and marketing-savvy supermodel of our time.”

And then goes on to say why: Gisele is also—unlike the dark-eyed, dark-haired, curvier Juliana Paes—blond and blue-eyed, a genetic asset in a country where half of the Brazilian population is black or mixed race, yet most of its top models have Northern European features. “More traditional, less daring, easier to accept,” says Pascowitz of Gisele’s more corporate-friendly look.

Got it. She’s the top earning model because she fits the European ideal. Curvier and darker is daring, white and skinny is traditional and easy to accept. But does her nationality even matter? Like who cares that she’s “Brazilian,” is that supposed to represent diversity? 

The Daily Beast’s article gives all credit to Gisele’s shrewd business sense, when really her genetic asset of blonde hair and blue eyes probably has a lot more to do with it. She’s unstoppable all right because curvier and darker will never be in season, and certainly not worth $150 million.


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