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Anyone who knows me, knows that I consider Christina Aguilera to be the most vocally talented artist of this generation. She’s like Whitney in the 80’s and early 90’s and Mariah when she actually sang ballads and didn’t secretly want to be a pop star. Well now, Christina’s back after two years and a baby boy named Max. Her new album Bionic drops June 8 and has people comparing her new look to Lady Gaga. Even though Christina has ten years on Gaga, and I’d say Gaga probably got more of her influence from her. Granted, she’s quite overtly sexual in the first single’s video Not Myself Tonight but her display of her sexuality isn’t something she’s ever been shy about. Her album Stripped was all about shedding layers and as a byproduct clothes. Remember Dirty?

But in the video for the new single, she’s a little bit more experimental and as I heard yesterday, maybe she shouldn’t be considering she is married with a son. I don’t know if that should be the criteria or the reason to change your natural artistic progression but it’s definitely a valid opinion. In Not Myself Tonight, she kisses girls and boys and engages in a Basic Instinct scene at the end. In general it’s a very dark video complete with bondage references but I’m not sure if it’s worst than other videos where sexuality is conveyed solely through dance.

Watch: Christina’s Not Myself Tonight

At the end of the day, Christina has the talent to back up whatever erotic scenes she wants to include in her own video. There’s a fine line between being comfortable and confident in your own sexuality and skin versus using your sexuality as power to get attention. Granted, I expose my bias because I don’t see Christina as a sex symbol nor do I think she wants to be one. I think she’s an artist who uses the multiple facets of herself to allow others to better experience her music. And at the end of the day, she’d still sell records if she just stood there and sang. Some artists have to show as much skin as possible and put just as much energy into their dancing as they do their “singing” because for them having the total package is essential to success.

So yeah while her new video is out there I still respect her vision because I seriously doubt she’s relying on her lack of clothes to sell records. You become a sex object when you turn your sexuality into a product as if that’s the only thing that will make people bite. Christina just doesn’t have to work that hard.


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