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Respecting Tiger Woods as a public figure, outside of his golfing talent has always been a problem for me. From his confusion over race to his most recent cheating scandal, Tiger has always come off as a spoiled, uninformed brat. After his harem was revealed no one really thought his wife, Elin, would stay and we were right- she’s done everything she can not to be seen with Tiger anywhere. And who can blame her really?

Tiger has more problems coming his way though because not only is Elin divorcing him, she wants to take him for more than he’s worth. $750 million to be exact. Reports put Tiger’s net worth at about $600 million. Sorry but I don’t think cheating constitutes a $750 million payday. Yes, Tiger embarrassed Elin in front of the entire world but $750 million? Sounds like she was a gold digger hiding in the open waiting for Tiger to mess up.

In the first reports shortly after the scandal broke, Elin stood to get around $200 million, so how did this new figure even come up?

Elin isn’t a total victim in this situation although her pretty face makes it easy to paint her as one. Jim Carrey said it best on Twitter: “No wife is blind enough to miss that much infidelity.” Sure, Elin’s support and love of Tiger as well as the picture perfect family she helped him to create contributed, in part, to his success, but she, in no way shape or form should run with all of his money. She can’t live on $200 million?

I’d hate to see a former nanny who just happened to marry the most famous golfer on the planet make out like a bandit just because she turned a blind eye.


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