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After Jessica Simpson experienced sheer torture dealing with the so-called weight gain from her size 4 unflattering “mom” jeans, she turned her pain into gain by venturing around the world in her new reality show, The Price of Beauty. While I was super excited to see how the show handled issues of beauty and self-esteem, it really just turned into a travel show of beauty rituals across the globe. I’m still happy she’s doing the show, but obviously depth isn’t what she was after. It barely scratches the surface of what women across the world deal with when it comes to accepting their physical beauty or lack thereof. When I read that Jessica (who I consider to be a very beautiful woman) was going to appear on the May cover of Marie Claire unretouched, I immediately went to pick up a copy. How cool and confident is that?

Britney Spears followed by releasing the unretouched/retouched photos from her candies ad which visibly showed that her thighs and midsection had been altered. And now, Kim Kardashian, who is never too far behind any venture that will lead to more success and fame, has posed naked sans photoshop along with Joy Bryant and Amanda de Cadenet in the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Their aim? To show that curves and flaws are not only what makes us human, but sexy as well. After all, anyone can be beautiful with all the makeup, personal trainers, diet and well… photoshop, which gives you anything including a taut tummy and a lifted booty you weren’t able to achieve in the gym.

So celebrities sans photoshop, is it a yeah or a nay?

The institution of fame and celebrity is all predicated on one person being better- more beautiful, more in shape, more sexy, etc- than the masses. If this avalanche of unretouched celebs continues it could certainly do a lot for the self-esteem of women everywhere but it could also backfire. If we, as a society, no longer revere the celebrity as the pinnacle of perfection what will happen to the institution itself? If we no longer believe the hype then what is there to sell? I argue that while showing us unretouched photos does, for a second, make us think “oh celebrities are people just like us,” it won’t really change much, mainly because the average woman’s low self-esteem fuels a multi-billion dollar business.

I don’t think anyone’s insecurities can be erased by being made aware of other people’s flaws. While it might make us feel good in the moment to know that at least a couple of celebrities created their six pack abs during a lunchtime lipo session, it does nothing to erase the loathing over our own cellulite pocket or the little pooch that rests above our favorite jeans.

And the irony in all this is that Kim Kardashian’s (insert any celebrity’s name here) unretouched photo looks amazing, so unless you’re going to show me a picture where I can actually see a flaw… save it.

I still give them two thumbs up for the effort- anytime we can actually discuss these issues it builds awareness and perhaps a healing of some woman, somewhere- but at the moment, at least in kim’s case, it’s eerily reminiscent of a PR spin to become more likable.


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